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Let me introduce myself, my name is Tim Kuhn. I am an ASP.NET developer by profession. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mentor and brother, Bill Kuhn, who has given me help, guidance and encouragement along the way in this career path. Without his help it would have been a more tortuous journey than it has been. I would also like to thank my wife, Marla Adams, for standing by and supporting me through the long hours and the impossible summer of 2002 when I was working 80+ hour weeks for months on end for a startup company trying to get a start myself.

I designed this site although I make absolutely no claims at having any talent for design. I am the author of the code that drives this site. I do all the maintenance and updates that keep this thing going. The sole purpose of this site is just to share my experiences with my family and friends. If somebody else happens to stumble upon this site and enjoy it good for them and me I suppose.

Nuts and Bolts

This site is created using the ASP.NET framework. It is currently version 3.0. The version 1 series was constructed using XML and XSLT. After a couple years of tweaking and growing the style sheet I have decided to use .NET's repeater control for the transforming of the XML into HTML. That was the birth of the 2.0 series.

  • 2.1 was born with introduction of a control that allows the user to choose how many rows of pictures to display at one time
  • 2.2 introduced the pagination control on the bottom of the page
  • 2.3 introduced the password protected story directory
  • 2.3.5 introduced the site map
  • 3.0 conversion to .NET 2.0
  • 3.1 made full us master pages (adding a photo page to the site requires 2 lines of code besides the xml!)

We'll see where it goes from here. This site uses CSS for styling on all the pages and some of the pages are pure CSS pages. I do believe in the W3C's idea of coding standards but I don't necessarily believe in the full recommendation. Even so this site is valid XHTML 1.0 transitional and uses valid CSS, at least at the point of this writing.

I do all of the site development using Visual Studio. Visual Studio can be a real bear at first but once you get used to using it, it becomes indispensable. I use the built in FTP utility that comes with 2005.


I must say up front that I make no claims to being the greatest shooter. I photograph solely for the enjoyment that it brings me. The purpose of this site is just to share imagery with friends and family not to demonstrate what a great photographer I am.

The early pages on this site were shot using a Kodak point and shoot. That introduced me to the world of digital photography and the digital dark room. The next camera was a Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel). I purchased it in April 2004 and have thoroughly enjoyed using it and learning more about digital photography. In an effort to become more serious I purchased a Canon 5D in March of 07. For lenses I have the kit 18-55mm for the 300D, Canon EF 300 F4 L IS, Canon 17-40 F4 L, Canon 24 F2.8 and a Canon 1.4X teleconverter. In early summer 05 I purchased a new point and shoot for messing around with. It is a Kodak DX7440, it is very easy to use and has many manual settings. That combined with its small size make quite handy to carry around and shoot a lot of pictures that I would not normally take. I use Photoshop for the processing of the images. For creating thumbnails I use a free program called Easy Thumbnails, it is a very easy to use utility that I highly recommend.

I hope you have or are enjoying the site. I do this for the fun of it so if someone else enjoys it is just that much better.